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X-LARGE Clothing – LA OG Logo T-Shirt

Not the best known brand around but certainly pretty cool. Many brands these days are known for one particular item of clothing – X-LARGE seems to be one of these. The item… their LA OG Logo T-Shirt.

Back in the day… 1991 Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened the first X-LARGE Store in Los Angeles. It was selling mainly other brands at the time – Carhartt, vintage Adidas, Pumas amongst others. Along with this though was their own original line of clothing. What it has gone on to become is one of the coolest tee brands in the ‘lesser-known’ section of the industry. Taking influences from many things, even including the Beastie Boys Mike Diamond, the brand has come with their own take on the culture of cool.

As for the LA OG Logo T-Shirt, it has gained almost cult status on it’s own and the brand offers a huge range of colourways / variations on the originals. For the full story head over to xlarge.com