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Weekend Offender Classics Collection

There’s nothing like a classic… Turns out the lads at Weekend Offender have a few themselves.

Many brands have success early in their ‘lifespan’ , come up with something unique, and then sell out, go away from what they originally started out as. When this happens, generally the company plummets. The brands who last the test of time are the ones who despite how big they go on to become, stay true to what they are and the ethos that got them there. Weekend Offender has been around for a while now and with every new seasons ‘drop’, you can see an evolution in the way that the labels styles are growing. Yet despite this they still remain true to the origins of the brand and where it came from, and there’s no better indicator of this than the fact that with every release the boys throw in a brand new collection of classics that have been ever present since the brands beginning. The latest collection of ‘Classics’ is available now, and it’s pretty good.

The brand was started by two welsh lads who grew up in a small town near Cardiff. Founded in 2004 the brand has gone on to expand into one of the fastest growing and biggest clothing labels in mens casuals fashion. 10 years on from it’s original inception the two lads still continue to grow the brand, staying true to the origins of football, the terraces & partying. Weekend Offender has now established a huge band of followers and loyal supporters who seem to relate to the brands nature and general attitude of no-nonsense.

The company now has itself set up with it’s flagship store in the Soho area of London.

In the words of the brand itself “Weekend Offender has become a go-to brand for lads at the sharper end of the terraces”

To see fully what the brand has to offer head to weekendoffender.com