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TRiCKETT England – Mascot Tee

For any of you who don’t know who TRiCKETT are, clearly you don’t read this blog enough. I have featured them twice already for collaborations that they have recently done with the boys at Casualco and also for their epic duffle bag with Bowderstone.

Now though I decided to do a feature on them in their own right. These guys are the real deal and I could have picked any of a handful of items from their site to do a post on, however I have decided to go for their latest tee offering. The Mascot Tee.

This tee looks class, quirky mascot logo on the chest and in crisp white, it’s going to get you noticed. The brand states that the tee is made with soft cotton and comes in an ‘athletic’ fit, so you know it’s going to be comfy and what more can you ask for in a tee – comfort and cool to the point of making your mates jealous. It’s win, win!

To get yours head over to

Alternatively if you fancy having a look at what else the brand has to offer (and I suggest you do), the full range is at