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‘The Weir’ by Casual Connoisseur

Currently one of my favourite brands out there is Casual Connoisseur. Based in Manchester, they are a two man operation that has gained a huge following, due to their inspirational designs of all manner of clobber. Despite the quality and success of all of their products there is one that stands out from the rest… The weir bobble hat.

The cult Connoisseur ‘Weir’ hat is a phenomenon in it’s own right, it’s the brands signature item to date – each release comes with huge anticipation and each time the hats sell out consistently in just minutes. This has become the must have choice of headwear amongst a merry band of cool cats, budding outdoorsmen and a hardy bunch of ne’er-do-wells.

The release of each colourway of the hat is limited to just 50 and the brand has stated that this will stay the same to keep with the proper casual ethos, exclusive and elusive amongst a sea of mass-produced goods.

The hats have become sought after by collectors and very often fetch three to four times the original retail price on eBay.

According to the brand the hype and excitement each release brings was never fully intentional, but they want the concept to remain a cult rather than a cash in.

The Weir’s name is inspired by and a nod to Scottish broadcaster, climber and bobble hat icon Tom Weir.

To read more about the brand and see their other items, head over to their website at casualco.com