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Stutterheim / Autumn – Winter 16

Winter has hit, and it is pretty nasty. Time for the raincoats. Nothing better than a brand that specialises in raincoats. STUTTERHEIM.

Based out of Sweden these guys are the leading brand in the art of creating the best-styled, most weather repellent raincoats around. If you want to get yourself a genuine raincoat, you’ll do well to find any better.

The brand talks about the way in which they feel people should embrace ‘melancholy’ (in this case rain), to allow creativity to flourish. It’s this attitude towards the problems of harsh conditions that allow the brand to create the perfect solutions, in the form of their raincoats.

There’s the old saying in english that you can be a “Jack of all trades, master of none” – meaning that you can attempt to be good at a lot of things without ever excelling in one. Stutterheim are the opposite of this. They have gone with the pursuit of perfection, and they may well have achieved it.

The brand has just unveiled their Autumn – Winter ’16 offering, to take a look yourself head over to¬†

*note – these may make your eyes water with the prices, but “So much the better. The higher the price you have to pay, the more you will cherish it.”

My personal favourite from the collection – the Stockholm in Navy.