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Sandqvist Stig Backpack

Since its been a little gloomy the past week or so – heres something to add some colour. Following on from other Nordic brands covered on this site (see previous posts – Norse Projects, Stutterheim) here’s another.

Nordic design seems to be very much ‘in’ with regards to house decor, but to be honest it’s the fashion industry that should be getting the most hype. Sandqvist produces bags and accessories for an urban lifestyle and everyday use.

‘Sandqvist was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004 by Anton Sandqvist. Together, with his brother Daniel and their friend Sebastian, they are the soul behind the brand. The Nordic landscape with its forests, rivers and vast unpopulated areas as well as an urban city lifestyle have always been our main inspiration. Accordingly, the Sandqvist designs are uncomplicated, functional and beautiful, with clear Swedish heritage.’

So here’s our pick of the current Sandqvist offering – the Stig Backpack, in Multi Blue/Grey. This backpack comes in a bunch of different colours, so if this one is abit bright for you, there are more subtle options available. It’s a canvas design with leather finishes – straps etc, and comes with drawstring closure & an internal 13″ laptop sleeve – so if you want to be the ‘cool kid’ at work, this might just get it done.

Take a look at the full collection at

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