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Pyrenex Sleeveless Spoutnic Vest Jacket

Right, so winter can f*ckin’ do one. Time to get some warm clothing – maybe a body-warmer – I mean its in the title body-WARMer. Enter – Pyrenex.

Hailing from the Landes region in France near the Pyrenees mountains, initially starting out in the mid-1800s the brand started producing their first mountaineering jackets in 1970.

Famed for it’s association with Louis Audoubert, who had climbed in the Pyrenees and the Himalayas, along with expeditions all over the world. Pyrenex developed jackets specifically for his expeditions. These jackets were essentially technical garments, designed to protect and insulate the wearer in the most extreme conditions.

Many of the jacket styles that were initially launched back in the 80s are still essential parts of the brands current catalog such as the Authentic, Spoutnic and Mythic jackets.

My pick? – The Spoutnic down Jacket – Comes with a removable hood which is adjustable with an elastic cord and stopper. The jacket has 2 zipped pockets on the front as well as one on the inside & can also be pulled tight round the bottom with a 2nd cord and stopper.

Warning – price. I have just ordered myself the Spoutnic Jacket for £220, however if you can stomach the money to get quality items – you can’t really go wrong.

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