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Pendleton Bear Sweater

Tomorrow is November, that means the clocks have gone back & the winter weather is coming our way. Woolly jumpers are at this point a must.

So why not grab something from a brand specialising in ‘woolen’ products. Pendleton Woolen Mills are an American company, started by one family in Oregon over 100 years ago. Pendleton’s first woolen mill was built in 1893 and they have been perfecting wool products ever since.

Taken from their current seasons offering, our pick – the Pendleton Bear Sweater. The style is a modified Fair Isle knit that artfully incorporates the Pendleton DNA in the bear motif. The sweater is a classic 3gg Shetland crew with the Star Guardian bear pattern, is hand washable & made from 100% Shetland wool.

It will set you back £160 – but can you put a price on being warm?

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