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Oliver Sweeney – Sweeney Tattoo Collection

Oliver Sweeney, are brand renowned for producing high quality, and high fashion leather goods – predominantly shoes, but also wallets, belts & other accessories. Not only do the company pride themselves on the quality and design of their products but they now even give you the chance to personalise the products that you buy from them, in the form of tattooing.

They will ‘make to order’ custom tattoo any leather product that they sell – with any design that you want. Being covered in artwork myself, I find this pretty cool and it is certainly an original idea.

They offer the service on any of their tanned leather products. You can check out these at oliversweeney.com/sweeney-tattoo…  My personal favourite is the Zanolla Brown Wallet.

Or alternatively if you want to take a look at their full range of products head over to oliversweeney.com

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