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New Balance 990 – Mid-Century Modern

Heres one a little away from what I usually like. I have to admit, I was of the impression that NB trainers were just for the hipsters who were trying far too hard to be cool…

I digress, I spotted these NB originals a few weeks back and thought f*ck they are cool. I refused to get myself a pair though, as they are still a pair of New Balance at the end of the day. In the end though I gave in and decided to give em a try.

Turns out, they are pretty comfy too. Probably the most comfy trainers I’ve ever owned and worn for a prolonged period.

Thats the pros – the cons, just one really (unless you are like I was and don’t want to be seen in NB), the price. These set me back 175 of the queens. So you might want to consider if your wallet is going to like you for it.

Overall though I would definitely recommend these. It might be the first pair of NB that I’ve had, but with how good they are, I doubt they will be my last.