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Lockwood Umbrellas – Super Slim Cane Umbrella

If there is one thing that bugs most people around this time of year, it’s probably getting caught in the rain. Hence, time to get a good umbrella for the coming months – January through until the April showers is not usually the best period of year for sun-lovers. Not to worry though.

‘Lockwood umbrellas are known the world over for their strength and durability and highest quality craftsmanship.’ The company craft each umbrella at their North London workshops, all are handmade. They state that all of their umbrellas are made using the finest materials from around the globe – stating that everything is curated in the pursuit of delivering an item that is a complete blend of style & durability – that ‘if cared for correctly, ensure that your Lockwood umbrella lasts a lifetime.’

The company’s current catalog features solid stick, super slim & bespoke umbrellas – available in varying price ranges. For the purposes of saving the ol’ wallet  – the Malacca Cane Super Slim Umbrella.

The umbrella’s design comes from one of the most recognisable English umbrella design – the super-slim body with the cane handle. The design features a typical 8mm fox-frame mechanism, supporting a proofed lightweight nylon fabric.

Someone order a gentleman?

To take a look at the company’s full range, head over to lockwoodumbrellas.com