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Hypergrand 02 Nato x Mighty Jaxx

A while back I stumbled upon the Hypergrand watch brand and decided to do a post on one of the first collections they had released. Since then the brand has grown some and continues to produce stylish & innovative watches.


Personally I really like the way that the brand diversifies itself with smarter business styled watches along with more premium streetwear styles. Offering strap styles in fine-grained leather along with more creative tonal NATO straps. This diversity and variety is even mentioned in the brands own mission statement – “Everyone subscribes to a different aesthetic, and we at HyperGrand believe that watches can be tailored to every individual.


The latest offering from the brand is the 02 Nato x Mighty Jaxx.  This is on pre-order sale now, but it’s heading off pretty quick. So get moving. Head over to Hypergrand.com to take a better look.