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HUF x Obey Snapback

Keith Hufnagel and Shepard Fairey first met in the 1990s skating in the Northeast. After years of building their careers in skateboarding and the art scene, respectively, they both ended up on the West Coast with their own brands. Though OBEY and HUF have established unique perspectives and styles there is a common sentiment of doing things on their own terms. So when they recently decided to release a new collection of apparel. Seemed like a good idea to me.

The HUF x OBEY project was born from their shared DIY philosophy. What was originally intended to be a shoe collaboration quickly grew into a full capsule collection as the brands found more commonality. The ‘Obey Triple Triangle’ graphic, a marriage between both labels’ iconic brand logos, ties the collaboration together.

I have to say, I was pretty excited about this collaboration. However, just because two good things come together it doesn’t mean that they will make something equally good. This isn’t the case here. My pick of the collection is the triangle snapback design.

Take a look at the full collection at or