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Gaolhouse Denim.

There are many brands who specialise in producing quality jeans, and some of those produce very good products. However the reason that I have decided to dedicate this blog to one ‘lesser-known’ brand is due to the story behind it.

Gaol – Chiefly British Variant of Jail.

In 2012 the Gaolhouse started up in collaboration with the Royal Prison Service. The idea was simple, many thousands of the inmates currently serving time in prisons up and down the country don’t have any kind of day-to-day work (something that the government is actively trying to change). This is where the concept came in, why not create a brand and produce a product that would be designed & developed in the UK, by some of the inmates themselves.

The company states that ‘We set out to provide prisoners with meaningful, rehabilitating and paid work while also supporting British manufacturing.’

Now, the brand has managed to release it’s first batch of jeans – currently only one style and limited to just 200 pairs, but nonetheless it’s an impressive feat and I believe a fantastic concept.

Each pair of these jeans are handcrafted in the UK and sent out carefully hand packaged in Gaolhouse brown paper and string.

The brand state that this is just the start and that they aim to expand the collection much further in the future. To read more about the brand or to purchase yourself a pair of the jeans, head over to