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Casual Connoisseur – The ‘Compo’ Hat

Now here is something that I have to admit I am abit gutted about, casual connoisseur recently announced that they would be releasing an additional hat to add to their collection. It was to be called the ‘compo’ in dedication to the ‘loveable old rogue’ from the Last of the Summer Wine TV series. This was in no way the gutting part – this was something that I was pretty excited about, especially after the guys at CC released pictures of the hat on their website with the words ‘coming soon’ – the hat looked ace (as you can see from the pics) however, turns out that the hat went on sale at 7pm and I logged on at 7.23 to see it had sold out! Gutted!

However the boys still have some other awesome stuff on their site Рto have a look head over to