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Capital Goods – Longsleeve Logo Tee

With summer continuing to keep us waiting, the need for spring clothes is seemingly imperative. As a result I stumbled upon a brand that I had heard of before, (and even owned one of their SS15 tees). Capital Goods.

These guys are based out of Copenhagen and are probably my favourite brand right now. They are currently in their 3rd full season launch (SS15, AW15 & SS16).

In this search for a few nice spring items, I decided to order myself their SS15 track top in grey ( and have been very impressed. The quality of the jacket is top quality & the simplistic styling has got even my least ‘fashion savvy’ pals asking where I got it.

On the strength of this item I have started looking for a few other pieces from the brand, and to pick one (from a very impressive bunch) here’s my suggestion.

The long sleeve embroidered logo tee. Available in grey or navy, combines quality with simple style, for the perfect spring tee. Available now at

To find out more about the brand head over to