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Burlington Argyle Socks

Ok so I’ll admit it, it’s difficult to get excited about socks, even though we sometimes have to pretend that we are come christmas morning.  However the humble sock is not something to be overlooked and so felt it only proper to shed some light on one of the brands specialising in the art of sockery – Burlington.

Despite a common misconception that the brand originates from Scotland (based off their classic designs), Burlington actually started life in Germany in 1968.

In 1977, Burlington became a cult brand almost overnight with the introduction of ‘Argyle‘ socks. The check design originates from the tartan of the Scottish Campbell Clans led by the Duke of Argyll.

The final touch to this now classic design was added in 1985 with the addition of the ‘Clip’, now an unmistakable trademark of Burlington Argyle sock. Ever since the Argyle’s release, the brands popularity has continued to grow and in 2008 the brand was acquired by FALKE. To take a look at the full collection head over to falke.com

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