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Bowderstone x TRiCKETT – Barkley Duffle Bag

Here’s something thats abit unique… One of my favourite brands at the minute TRiCKETT have teamed up with Bowderstone Bags to come up with something that I think we have all wished we had when we were back at school, a proper cool sports bag.

Here it is a sports bag made by Bowderstone, with tweed and waterproof acrylic canvas to keep everything in order and your socks nice and dry.

The bloke who made it was quoted as saying “If you can’t get all your stuff in here for a weekend then you don’t deserve a break!” I’m not exactly sure what that means but I think it means that you can fit your wardrobe in it.

Oh and just in case your arms get tired carrying your 32 aftershaves and 88 pairs of socks, there’s a shoulder strap on it too.

So if you want to be the ‘cool kid’ down the gym or wherever really, head over to